Arcylic Shell - Constructed to Last Forever


Patented 7 Layer Laminate

1. Special Acrylic Forming
Available in Multiple Colors
2. Vinyl Ester Resin
Provides Strong Adhesion
3. Fiberglass Matting
Critical in Certain Areas
4. Resin Filler
For Added Strength

5. Additional Fiberglass
Assures Structural Integrity
6. Calcium Carbonate
For Lasting Protection
7. Final Filler
Seals & Bonds Structure

Smart Cabinetry - Create Your Own Backyard Retreat


Optional Bar & Surround Step Package Can Make Your Hot Tub the Ultimate Destination

Attractive Exterior Panels

  • Removable for Easy Service
  • No Maintenance Required

Your Choice of Colors


ThermoShield Insulation - Saves You Money In Many Ways

Dual Insulated Side Walls

  • 3" Thick Recycled Denim Keeps Out Cold Air
  • Aluminum Heat Shield Faces The Interior

Insulated Sealed ABS Base

  • Locks in the Heat
  • Keeps the Moisture Out
  • Protects Your Spa From Outside Elements

Co-Generated Heating

Wisely Locks in the Heat Generated from Pumps and Uses it as Added Insulation Warming the Undersides of Your Shell and Plumbing.

CalSpas Insulation VS. Traditional Insulation

CalSpas Thermoshield Insulation

• Energy Efficient
• Simple to Service
• Sealed Base Helps Prevent Infestation of Rodents
• Environmentally Friendly


Traditional Full Foam Insulation

• Less Efficient to Operate
• Expensive to Service
• Environmentally Unfriendly
• Perfect Nesting Home for Rodents


Our Titanium Heaters - Provide 3 major Benefits


Lasts 10x Longer than Traditional Heaters

Won't Rust or Corrode Even in the Worst Water Conditions You Create
Traditional Heaters are the First Component in a Spa to Fail

No Loss in Energy Efficiency Each Year

Prohibits Scaling
Produces a Film that Detaches Lime & Calcium
Is Not Magnetic
Won't Attract Materials
Traditional Incaloy Heaters Capture a Calcium Coating Each Year Minimizing Efficiency and Costing You Money

Can Save You Money in Winter Months

5.5 KW Output Heats 30% Faster than Traditional 4 KW Heaters
This Allows You to Turn Your Temperature Down & Save

Powerful 3 HP Pumps - Come Standard w/Viton Seals

The Most Corrosive Resistant Seal Available Reduces Leaks & Lengthens Your Pump's Life


Allows You To Select
Your Own Personal
Massage Experience

  • Wide Variety of Jets
  • Powerful Pumps
  • Adjustable Controls
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