Learn About Swim Spas

What Is a Swim Spa?

Swim & Fitness Spas are precision-engineered to offer resistance swimming against a smooth current that is adjustable to your speed and ability. Increase your strength with optional training accessories that target major muscle groups. An excellent solution for an at-home aquatic exercise and make the perfect alternative to any traditional in-ground pool. Instead of choosing between a spa and a pool, gain the benefits of both! Relaxation is just steps away, experience therapy and gain endurance from your backyard.

But Swim Spas Aren't just for exercise, they are also a ton of fun!

Swim Spas VS Swimming Pools


Swim All Year Round

With a Swim Spa you won't need to stop swimming when the seasons change. You can swim all year long and at your desired temperature. Try that with a swimming pool!

Set the Temperature

Imagine being able to set the temperature of the water you swim in to anything you want? Now you can!

Set the Speed of the Current

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Exercise Like the Pros

Various attachments make it possible to do a large variety of resistance training exercises which allows you to get a full body workout.

Gain Muscle Mass and Endurance

With the Optional CalFlex Spa Equipment You Can Do Many Different Resistance Training Exercises.

Low Impact Workouts

Helps with Recovery and Allows you to Workout and get the Same Cardio and Everything you need but Low Impact so you can do more things in less time.


Keep the Grandkids Coming back, Compliment your Home and Extend your Living Space.

Fun for the Entire family

Whether Swimming, Relaxing or Enjoying some Family Playtime Swim Spas Ensure that Everyone is Entertained.

Swim at Your Own Pace

You Set the Pace with the Variable Current Controls.

Swim Spa Videos

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