Patio Series

Patio™ and Patio™ Plus. Just like its name, the Patio™ series are patio™ size spas. The main differences are Patio™ Spas are 110 plug-n-play with 11 to 22 jets. Patio™ Plus Spas are 220 volts, 5 BHP with 25 to 32 jets.

Escape Series

The Escape™ Series models are all 2-Pump Systems and features interior LED lighting, LED cascade waterfalls, new Cal-Spa Touch color control panel and a longer warranty coverage.

Platinum Series

The Platinum™ Series is one of our most powerful spa series with luxurious features that comes standard like the Adjustable Therapy System™, 2 & 3 pump configurations, 24/7 circulation pump, Hybrid Clear Water System and 150 sq. ft. BioClean Filters™.

Choose Your CalSpas Line

Cal Spas products are designed and tested to rigorous quality standards and is recognized by third party organizations worldwide for quality and innovation. CalSpas are made in days rather than weeks or months. We deliberately chose to keep our factories in the United States openly employing Americans to give opportunity to our workers and their families.

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