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SpaEase Chemicals are made in the USA, right here in Connecticut. All of our chemicals have been specifically formulated for hot tubs (not swimming pools), include the highest concentrations of active ingredients available, and are produced within highly monitored quality control standards. The owners of Hot Tub Discounts have been one of the largest suppliers of hot tub chemicals in the US for many years. Their high volume purchasing allows Hot Tub Discounts to sell you the safest and best chemicals available at the lowest prices in the country. Yes, even lower than many online and mass merchant retailers.

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Are all chemical products the same?

To meet the pricing demands of large wholesale buyers many chemical suppliers are willing to reduce the quality of their product by watering down their liquid chemicals and adding fillers to their powdered products. This means you have to use more chemicals (often then what’s even instructed on the label) and spend more money. To compound the problem many of these suppliers don’t adhere to strict quality controls, so the product consistency often varies. Which means you will need to relearn the amount of chemicals needed to care for your hot tub water after each purchase.
Also some large wholesale and online company’s package hot tub chemicals that should primarily be used only in swimming pools. Pool chemicals may be less expensive, but they are often the primary cause of damage to spa components (pump seals, electric heating coils, etc.).
We strongly recommend that in deciding which hot tub chemicals you purchase you ask these simple questions:
Where were these chemicals manufactured?
Am I buying chemicals designed for hot tubs or pools?
What is the true concentration of this formula?
Can I be assured that it will be the same the next time I purchase it?


At Hot Tub Discounts we care about the products we sell and the customers who use them.